Suicide Guy Review

Suicide Guy Review


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Overall rating

Overall rating
The good
  • Simple gameplay
  • Resonably priced
  • Great for playing in short bursts on switch
The bad
  • Bland cookie cutter gameplay
  • Clunky controls
  • First person perspective

Suicide Guy is the new puzzle/platformer from the game studio ChubbyPixel. ChubbyPixel is the studio that released Woddle Tree which we reviewed here Woodle tree 2 Review. It’s an all-new exciting concept where you play a desolate drunk attempting to end his life in a “dream” world over and over. The game released on Steam July 14th, 2017, but has just released on Nintendo Switch.

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Suicide Guy is an older game that released on Steam in 2017 but has recently come to the Nintendo Switch. In Suicide Guy, you’ll play a desolate drunk who has slipped into a dream world where his only goal is to commit suicide. Each level is a series of puzzles that will lead will lead you to your inevitable and fortunate death.  

suicide guy

Styling and Graphics

The graphics in Suicide Guy is a basic cell-shaded style. They look decent enough for what they are attending and provide enough enjoyment to give a fluid framerate on the Switch. While the actual aesthetic design felt sufficient enough, we had a gripe with the camera design for the game. The designers opted to go for a first-person perspective design, which isn’t precisely the ideal design for a platforming game. Platformers are known for having precise controls and super accurate movement. First-person cameras don’t lend themselves to this, and the game would have been a lot better with a third-person perspective. Overall it didn’t impact the experience a ton but did make some of the puzzles clunky.

Level Design

In Suicide Guy, you only have one mission. That mission is to kill yourself. For some reason, your character dreams of nothing but killing himself over and over. Each level will have you jumping through a series of hoops to get to your eventual death.

suicide guy

The levels in Suicide Guy are relatively simple and, while enjoyable, won’t require a ton of overthinking. All the standard platformer mechanics are here, moving platforms, floor switches, and jump puzzles all make an appearance. 

The only real issue we had with the game mechanics was unclear objectives at a few points in the game. There were a few puzzles in the game that, while not complicated, weren’t explicitly clear. We had to tinker and even look up a guide to complete a couple of levels because we had accidentally rendered the level virtually unsolvable.

There were a few treats in the game, including a Portal style level and a Mario themed level. Both of them were a surprise, and we were happy to see included.


The mechanics in Suicide Guy are overall a bit vanilla. They aren’t breaking any new ground and are all relatively basic. What is present in the game works well, but it would have been nice to see some additional features. Things like double jumping, wall running, or any real innovation of movement would have been great.

suicide guy

Overall review

Suicide Guy is a very casual platformer for the Nintendo Switch that provides a pretty cookie-cutter first-person platformer experience. The game doesn’t strive to go above and beyond. It plays it safe and sticks closely to the generic platformer genre. The game is relatively bug-free and plays smoothly on the Switch. For $7.99 it’s on the fence with me for being worth picking up. If you are looking for a very casual platformer and enjoy a first-person perspective, I would say grab it. If you are into hardcore platformers with intricate mechanics and puzzles, then I would say even at $7.99, this game would be a pass for me.

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