The long-awaited debut of Story of Seasons Doraemon lands on the Nintendo Switch. Full of charm we’ve all come to expect from Story Of Seasons the game is a perfect fit on the Nintendo Switch.


Author's rating

Overall rating

Overall rating
The good
  • Classic Story Of Seasons gameplay
  • Runs smoothly on the switch
  • Can be a great time sink, if you are into repetitive grinding
The bad
  • If you're not into grinding, it can get boring pretty fast
  • Annoying white border around the screen during play
  • Very steep upgrade curve

Overall Story of Seasons Doraemon feels right at home on the Switch. If you’ve ever played any of the original Harvest Moons games, then this game should feel very familiar. Marvelous, the studio who makes Story Of Seasons Doraemon, were the original team who worked on Harvest Moon.

Full Review

So full disclosure, I am a yuuge sim game fan. I’ve spent hours upon hours playing Harvest Moon on the N64, Animal Crossing on the Gamecube, and Stardew Valley on the switch and PC. For those of you not in the know, Story Of Seasons is developed by the original team who made Harvest Moon, prior to around 2014. If you’re interested in reading more about that you can read about HERE.

Story Of Seasons Doraemon

Life in this Story Of Seasons begins when you are suddenly whisked away to an unknown land. A few friendly villages happily greet you and help you find your footing. It’s shortly after that you learn that every child in the town is forced to do manual labor, yaay. You are gifted a farm and tasked with restoring it to its former glory.

Gameplay wise this entry in Story Of Seasons plays almost identical to previous titles. If you’ve ever played a previous entry or any of the Harvest Moon games then you can rest assured you already know the drill. Plant crops, take care of your animals, gathering materials via mining or foraging, or spend the day wooing fellow townsfolk with useless garbage to convince them to marry you.

Art Style

The art style of the game looks great on the Nintendo Switch and runs butter smooth. The art style is cute and warm but may not be everyone’s style. While I personally liked the overall art style, the game draws this white opaque border around the entire game screen and it drove me nuts. I thought, in the beginning, okay this cut scene has this white border it will surely go away once the actual gameplay starts. But no, it never goes away. In all fairness, I stopped noticing it after a short time but it still seems like a bad design choice to have a border around the screen during gameplay.

Story Of Seasons Doraemon

Game play

The gameplay in Story Of Seasons Doraemon was nice, at first. However, I quickly discovered this game was not meant for min/maxers. If you come from a game like Stardew Valley you are all too familiar with the grind to develop and establish a self-sufficient farm. You’re always constantly pushing further and further for better sprinklers, tools, weapons, and everything you can get your hands on. Story Of Seasons Doraemon is a much more casual game pace. In the beginning, you are severely limited by the number of tasks you can perform via the in-game energy system.

You start with only 100 energy, which can only be boosted to 150. Each action taken on your farm in regards to crops takes 1 energy. So hoeing, watering, planting, all consume energy. So without food to regain the energy you are very limited in the start to how much you can plant and grow. I found the first year to be a real struggle without constantly napping or consuming everything I could find to squeeze out that last bit of energy. That said, it all plays into the games more casual nature. They don’t want you planting 500 crops and raking in money it’s meant to be a slower-paced relaxing farming game.

Advancing your farm in Story of Seasons Doraemon is a bit of a slow and tedious task. Most of the upgrades require quite a bit of material to attain. I found collecting all the wood, stone, and other materials was so slow that it was much more efficient to dedicate that energy to grow crops instead of buying the needed materials. Farm upgrades are extremely lacking if you are looking to spend a ton of time in this game. You can upgrade your chicken coop and animal barn one time. No additional barns or coops can be purchased either. The same applies to your house, it can only be upgraded one time. Coming from a game like Stardew Valley where the skies the limit as far as upgrades and expansions are concerned, it all felt a bit underwhelming.

Review Summary

Overall Story Of Seasons Doraemon is a great pick up title for the Nintendo Switch. It is not a hardcore farm sim with tons of customizing. However, it was still a very enjoyable experience. Its casual gameplay does suit the portability of the Nintendo Switch well. If you are looking for a title to sink hundreds of hours into and build out your dream farm we would recommend steering clear. However, if you are looking for a nice relaxing farm game to sink 40+ hours into then we would highly recommend picking up Story Of Seasons Doraemon for the Nintendo Switch.

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