Killer Chambers Review

Killer Chambers Review


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Overall rating

Overall rating
The good
  • Unique gameplay
  • Enjoyable dialouge
  • Tons of content for the price
The bad
  • Difficulty may be a turn off to players
  • No bindable controls and duck control triggers inadvertnely
  • Not many features. Mainly just playing puzzle after puzzle.

Are you looking for a new and exciting way to break your peripherals? Do you crave the feeling of hating a game so much you would rather have open heart surgery without anesthetic than play another minute? Well, my friends, I might have the game for you. Killer Chambers is the new bullet-hell action platformer out now on Steam for $4.99. So sit down cozy up, and I’ll tell you all about the game and why they owe me a new controller.

Killer Chamber Graphics and Styling

Killer Chambers features old-school pixel style graphics. The pixel graphics, while charming and cute, are simple and very retro. Modern pixel art has come a long way from retro gaming, and most new pixel art is very stylized. Killer Chambers chose to route of traditional pixel art with under detailed and low-resolution sprites. The music also completes the entire theme with its retro gaming soundtrack. Overall the styling feels like your playing a game right out of the SNES. While I appreciate the art style and the dedication to the retro theme, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Killer Chambers

Killer Chambers Gameplay

Most games I review, I can compare them readily to another game. Killer Chambers was not that easy. The game set out, in my opinion, to do something unique. And for the most part, they succeeded. 

Each level of Killer Chambers is a timed event where you must stay alive until your hourglass runs empty. Dying will reset your hourglass, and you must start over. You have unlimited lives and can replay a level as many times as it takes to complete it. Sounds easy, right? Well, my friend, you could not be more wrong.

Each level is a barrage of flying arrows that you must dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge to survive. What seems simple at first, quickly becomes a rage-inducing controller throwing experience. But here’s the thing, while the game felt incredibly difficult, it did not feel impossible. A lot of these “uber hard” games rely on randomness and artificial difficulty to create an over the top difficult experience. Killer Chambers uses no randomness, and each level is well thought out and planned. Each level will seem difficult at first, but as you replay it over and over, you will slowly learn the patterns and get better and better each time. Tailored for the more hardcore players, casual players may find themselves frustrated.

Killer Chambers

To make matters worse, not only is the game super difficult, but you’ll also have a less than friendly ghost mocking you throughout your entire gameplay. He’ll laugh, taunt, and rib you as you die over and over again. And if that is still not enough to infuriate you, let me mention, the bastard will also curse you. Die too many times, and you’ll be swept away to a cursed realm where you must complete a level in the cursed realm to be able to continue advancing. Joking aside, the banter and the dialogue in Killer Chambers was highly enjoyable and was an excellent comedic relief for a game that has such serious gameplay.

Killer Chambers

At the end of each map, you will be faced with a boss challenge. The boss fights are similar to the regular levels, with a twist. Each boss has a mechanic for being defeated that you must trigger whilst also continuing to dodge the obstacles of a normal room. Boss fights were to stay the least, infuriating, but super fun. It took me almost 3 bars of curse just to beat the first boss. You’ll get so close many times only to get hit by a stray arrow that resets the level. But overall the boss fights were really enjoyable and I liked the implementation even if I was pulling my hair out by the time I finally beat them.

Controls in Killer Chambers are pretty straight forward. The control stick to move left and right. A button to jump, and down on the stick to duck. Controls were very smooth and responsive, with no clunkiness or awkwardness. Except, however, for the ducking mechanic. The only issue I had was holding down on the stick is the control to duck. When performing a duck maneuver, if you jump, you will perform a short jump instead of the regular height jump. Well, more than a few times, I would accidentally engage the duck mechanic as I moved left and right. This caused several missed jumps because they were not full height. Preferably I would have preferred jump being bound to a key instead of the control stick to prevent this mixup. With no bindable keys, you are stuck with what they give you.


Killer Chambers is a game suited to the hardcore players. Casual scrubs are certainly going to have a bad time. You will die a lot. However, even though the difficulty is quite great, the experience is quite rewarding when you finally complete a level. The graphics are nothing special, but the old school retro theme worked well for the game. Killer Chambers has tons of funny quips and dialogue that make the game fun and takes some of the stress off. Overall if you are into very difficult bullet hells, we would highly recommend picking up Killer Chambers, especially since the game is only $4.99. If you are more of a casual gamer or currently on blood pressure medication, this game is probably not for you.

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